GigTown Announces Launch of GigTown Radio Seattle (2)

We’re proud to announce the release of GigTown‘s new Seattle wing of their hot new online radio service, GigTown Radio. Welcome to the latest and greatest way to get your music heard and people to your shows. GigTown Radio Seattle is a new service in which bands signed up with GigTown can have their music streamed to local music fans in Seattle and beyond starting in January 2016.

GigTown Radio Seattle is not confined to one or two genres, and promises to be commercial-free for maximum musical pleasure. Listeners of GigTown Radio Seattle can expect to be turned onto the latest and greatest in northwest music. Whether it’s an electrifying bar-bred hard rock jam or the hottest four-to-the-floor dance music barnburner in the Emerald City, everyone tuning into GigTown Radio will come away from it with a new favorite band or song.

Bands, producers, DJs, and solo musicians alike are encouraged to submit their music today to get it added to the rotation, and get new eyes and ears on their music. GigTown Radio Seattle is to be launched at 9:00P.M. on January 2nd. Bands interested in getting in GigTown Radio rotation must be signed up as an artist on GigTown.  You can find out more information on how to sign up for the service here. After you get signed up for GigTown, you can submit your music for rotation at this location.

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