WORLD PREMIERE: Listen to Furniture Girls’ New Single “My Time” Off Upcoming Album ‘In Shadows’


Furniture Girls’ forthcoming full-length record In Shadows promises to be the apex of the band’s well-established sound and vision. The band started writing the LP last summer, and didn’t want to lean as much on synths and drum loops for this release. These elements had always been featured heavily in their music, but this time primary music writers stayC Meyer and Jim Watkins (who also produced) started building tracks organically with the group, filling their sound out with arrangements with live instruments instead of electronic layers. In a similar vein to the approach Crystal Castles took on their third self-titled album, Furniture Girls took it upon themselves to free themselves up from pressures of musical monotony and played whatever they felt like playing, making it sound however they want it to sound.

The ambitious quintet dropped the first single off In Shadows, “My Time,” today, accompanied by an artfully-shot and colorful music video, which acts as a very stark contrast to the brooding, toned-down music. We’re excited to be premiering both the song and its music video for you today.

Watkins had the following to say about the release, “”My Time” was an interesting one to work on. The song started with stayC’s simple, cheerful, Smiths-like melody and those great lyrics, so when I sat down to write to it, I wanted to capture some of that ‘darkness’ in the arrangement; the goal was to end up with something that sounded like Massive Attack meets Filter, and I think we got there!”

Needlessly to say, we’re pretty stoked to see what else Furniture Girls have coming down the pipeline. We’ve extensively talked the band up in previous articles before, and the five-piece outfit never fails to deliver on their potential.

Stream “My Time” below, and look out for In Shadows when it’s released on August 12th. You can pre-order the album at

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 photo Cherry Poppin Daddies 280_zpspibhrtre.jpg

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