EP Review: Furniture Girls – CHAOS

Furniture Girls Chaos cover

Seattle’s 5 piece, charismatic group Furniture Girls have been around since 2007 when they got together in Seattle and started writing music. In 2010 they released the LP ‘How I learned To Crawl’ a very techno-pop album with lots of lasers and synthesizers and in 2014 they released ‘Dreams’, a much calmer album than the 2010 CD, but their techno-pop sound was not lost.

Earlier in 2015 they released their latest EP titled  ‘Chaos’ which has a much more rockin’, high energy feel about it than the first two had. This album features Bubba Jones on the organ for the pop/rock tune “The Well Was Poisoned” and the very talented ‘Dr.’ Matt Fink working the synthesizer and keys on “Lily” where he breaks-out into a nice long solo. Jones also lends guitar skills in various other places on ‘Chaos’.  The album was produced by Jim Watkins with mixing handled brilliantly by Michael Cozzi, while Ed Brooks from RFI Mastering gets credit for the great job of mastering the EP.

StayC Meyer’s deep, raspy voice sounds very mischievous in the song “The Deep End” which has an
eerie feel with Meyer perhaps sounding a great deal like a Pat Benatar / Gwen Stefani progeny. While in “Let Go” she gives an up-beat, sweet tone to this powerful ballad of love lost and a clearly stated message of support.

“Not Long For This World” is a fun and fast paced punk rock song that includes some synthesizer action which gives this song a Furniture Girls feel. While Jim Watkins gets all funky with his bass on “Fake” adding to the album, yet another layer into the genre mix.

This is a great album through and through, full of unique material that gives this great northwest band a sound all their own and you’re going to love it!

Furniture Girls are:

StayC Meyer – VOX
Jim Watkins – Bass, Keys, Beats
Thane Mitchell – Drums
Jason Lightfoot – Guitar
Kate Bradley – Guitar, Vocals

Check out the Furniture Girls website here: www.FurnitureGirls.com
Here’s the Furniture Girls Facebook page as well: www.facebook.com/furnituregirls




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