Dispatch, Nahko and Medicine for the People to Play Marymoor Park on August 25th

Dispatch will be playing the Marymoor Park on August 25th with special guests Nahko and Medicine for the People and Scatter Their Own.

Sometimes, we rise to the occasion. Other times, the occasion rises to us. Both could be said about Dispatch, one of the country’s most successful independent bands, and their forthcoming album, America, Location 12. Built on tales of struggling immigrants, forgotten veterans and children cast aside, Dispatch (Brad Corrigan, Chad Stokes and Pete Francis) has crafted a set of songs that tap into the peace and plight of the human condition, chiseling a spot in our culture that has perhaps never been quite so vital.

Their sixth full-length LP, America, Location 12, marks a return to form – and a path to the future – for the trio whose music has always made us take stock of our place in the world, and forced us to remember that the first pillar of social responsibility is to be kind and decent to one another. And, beneath it all, to find moments of joy and inspiration that sometimes only music can provide. It’s impossible to deny that few bands – at any level – have been able to achieve what Dispatch has: three sold-out shows at Madison Square Garden to raise funds for Zimbabwean humanitarian efforts, world tours and a 2004 concert in Boston that drew 110,000 fans. But Dispatch never felt bound by their success, and over the past decade they have focused as equally on solo projects and non-profit work as what they could create as a trio.

Tickets to the show can be purchased here.

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