50 Bands in 50 Days – Day 48: Lo’ There Do I See My Brother


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome, welcome, to the third-to-last day of our 2015 50 Bands in 50 Days showcase, where we’ve been turning you on to your new favorite Pacific Northwest-born musical outfits one day at a time. This feature is brought to you by GigTown. Today, we’d like to turn you one of the heaviest rock bands in all of Cascadia, Lo’ There Do I See My Brother.

lo there do i see my brother

A band from Tacoma, Washington’s go-to source for the grittiest rock bands in the state, Lo’ There Do I See My Brother is a band of four who use their instruments for sonic chaos; beautiful, immaculately-crafted chaos. If you give a listen to any of this band’s handful of releases, you can hear pretty clear influences coming from the worlds of post-rock and prog-rock, with maybe a little shoegaze in there as well.

The band’s music is heavy on thick, distorted production, pounding drums, and lots of effects on its instruments. The band’s music excels at its unpredictable song structures, in which its songs will suddenly go from stripped-back and soft to heavy and far-reaching at a moment’s notice, as the next huge build and crescendo goes underway. The band has only been together for about four years now, but they have all the experience of a band at least three times their musical age.

If you want to hear some thick, unconventional, multi-faceted rock music, Lo’ There Do I See My Brother needs to be on your radar.

For Fans of: ISIS, My Bloody Valentine, This Will Destroy You

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