WORLD PREMIERE: Stream Nick Drummond’s New Single “Love”


Are you a music fan looking for some brand new folk rock to listen to over and over again? Are you a local music fan that lamented the deaths of The Senate and Impossible Bird? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we’ve got just the song for you. And even if you answered no to those questions, well, you should still listen to this song anyway. Enter Nick Drummond, a Seattle singer-songwriter that’s been performing in a multitude of bands for over 10 years.

Among his most notable groups were the now-defunct acts Impossible Bird and The Senate, both of which took Nick’s songwriting and performance in vastly different directions, while still being good showcases of his many, many capabilities as a musician. Drummond is set to release his solo full-length debut, Follow the Rivulets, next Sunday, April 10th, and we’re excited to debut to the world the album’s first single, “Love.”

“Love” is a moment of beautiful self-reflection. Following the departure of his longtime lover, Follow the Rivulets promises to be an intensely personal and self-redeeming album. Though there is a lot of heartache throughout “Love” and many other tracks on the LP, it isn’t just a woe-is-me record for the sadsacks of the world. “Love” features bouncy, sturdy, somewhat poppy instrumentation, and over it, Drummond brings an enthused and charismatic performance.

You can stream the track below via SoundCloud. Let us know what you thought of it, and make sure to check out Follow the Rivulets when it drops next week. Nick will be hosting an album release party at the Tractor Tavern the day of release, alongside Double Hang’tendre. More details about that show can be found here.

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