Vicci Martinez Releases New EP, ‘I Am’


Known for her powerful vocals, unique style, and magnetic charisma, Vicci Martinez is releasing her first new music since Vicci was released in 2012.  The internationally acclaimed songwriter and performer was highlighted by a Billboard Top 20 single in “Come Along” featuring Cee Lo Green.  Vicci marked Martinez’s evolution from a Pacific Northwest music mainstay and a fan favorite on the hit television show The Voice into an established musician. 

After parting ways with Republic Records in 2014, Martinez is working independently for her upcoming projects, including the newly released EP, I Am.  Martinez made the conscious decision to move back to her hometown of Tacoma, Washingtonafter living in Los Angeles and briefly in Europe.  Tacoma is a blue-collar port city known for it’s DIY visual arts and music scenes.  Martinez says her new music celebrates both her creative independence as well as her journey home. 

For the beginning of this new era in Martinez’s musical career she has been working with a trio of Tacoma musicians. They have been recording a collection of over thirty new songs throughout the past year.  The trio, known as Enter-Exit-Stay, includes Aaron Stevens and Paul Hirschl from the indie-folk/rock bandGoldfinch and DJ Phinisey.

In Martinez’s own words:  “I’ve been extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to write and record with some of the music industry’s leading songwriters, but the energy I feel when I’m working with DJ, Aaron and Paul in our East Tacoma studio is truly the most soul-feeding experience I’ve ever had as musician.”

Martinez has toured the United States and Europe extensively throughout the past five years, sharing the stage with artists including Sting, Annie Lennox, B.B. King, The Doobie Brothers, Jonny Lang, Train, Michael Franti, Colbie Caillat and Ed Sheeran, 

Martinez will premier her highly anticipated collection of new songs on April 18th at Downtown Tacoma’s Rialto Theater.  The April 18th concert will also serve as a benefit for a Lakewood, Washington based non-profit called Centerforce that works to connect people with disabilities to employment opportunities in their community.

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