The Time Machine Is Broken: Strangely Alright

The Time Machine Is Broken: Strangely Alright

Call it power pop, soft rock or what ever other label you’d like to call it, Strangely Alright will leave you in better shape than you were before you listened to them. This band has a total retro feel and one gets the sense they would have fit in very nicely in an another time and place, if they didn’t fit in so damn well here! The Time Machine Is Broken is 11 strong tracks of feel good music and it comes at a time when we need more of this.

Regan Lane and his band of 5 merry men have constructed a fine piece of work that tells a story. A story of hope and redemption.  And it is a true story. Lane’s passionate vocals power the first track and he doesn’t stop there.  The next 10 songs are all very pleasing to the ear. His voice blends in with the rest of these talented musicians very well and everyone knows his role in this band. No one ever seems to overpower the other one.

Track 2 dives into a bit more of the psychedelic side of music and the bands  influence by The Beatles is easily picked up on during this nearly four minute song. “So Right It Can’t Be Wrong” is the third offering and contains some great harmonies and really fine musicianship again.  This song like so many others on this album makes it a little difficult to point out any stand out playing…the music blends so perfectly, with each instrument in it’s own space but in each others space at the same time. The melancholy guitar riffs on “Crying Shame” match Regan’s vocals note for note and then the band rolls into song number five which contains the line in which the title of the album came from, even though it’s not the title of the song. I really love the sneaky way they did this . There’s a great message in If I Don’t Laugh I’m Only Going To Cry offering up some choices and personally knowing some of  Regan’s life story, this song rings true. Before The Fall is lovely composition that clocks in at just little over four minutes that once again showcases Reagan Lane’s very talented vocal skills.

Released on July 1, 2013… Time Machine Is Broken features Regan Lane on vocals & guitar, Ken Schaff on bass & vocals, Lee Gregory on keyboards & vocals,  Jeff Reiner on guitar and Preston Darvil on drums.

If you don’t have this CD yet and you have a few dollars laying around I’d strongly suggest picking up the next chance you get.  Who knows it might leave you feeling  Strangely Alright.

Track Listing:

1 Train To Nowhere
2 Just How It Goes
3 So Right It Can’t Be Wrong
4 Crying Shame
5 If I Don’t Laugh I’m Only Going to Cry
6 Here and Then You’re Gone
7 Before the Fall
8 Crazy Ride
9 Love
10 Direction Home
11 U And Me

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