The Atom Age set to perform at Funhouse on October 10th

The Atom Age set to perform at Funhouse on October 10th


The Atom Age find their inspiration from the dust covered collections of unhinged 60’s punk and R&B, whose crazed energy was once misconceived as a better fit for your trashcan than for your turntable. While taking many of their cues from these primitive pilgrims of punk, The Atom Age still strive to lay down their own modernized take on the sound. The band’s new record, Hot Shame, was co-produced by Blag Dahlia of the Dwarves, and channels a wide range of influences from bands like The Sonics, Link Wray and the Murder City Devils.


Seattle’s Dirty Sidewalks don’t just take sonic cues from the fuzzy haze of The Jesus and Mary Chain, the honed pop songcraft of Oasis or the rich vocal colors of The Beach Boys and The Everly Brothers—they keep it in the family, too. Formed in 2010 by Erik Foster, older brother (and founder of surf/garage outfit The Boss Martians) Evan Foster and longtime friend Evan O’Neil, the band plays anthemic tunes informed equally by ‘80’s college rock, ‘90’s Britpop and ‘60’s harmonies.

Bolstered sonically by the elder Foster’s crisp, punchy production and the younger’s songwriting and visual talents, Dirty Sidewalks are a force to be reckoned with. Since forming, they’ve played live extensively, opening for bands ranging from Har Mar Superstar and The Moving Units to The Mono Men and Young Fresh Fellows.

In May 2015, the trio released their first track, “It’s Getting Better,” as a digital single on Los Angeles-based label MuSick Recordings. An original yuletide bummer ballad, “It’s Xmas (And Everyone is Miserable),” landed on Soundcloud in December. Now, in 2016, their infectious hooks take physical form, with “It’s Getting Better” set for release as a 7” vinyl single in March, and debut LP Bring Down The House Lights following in the summer. With records in the pipleline, more songs in the quiver and tour dates forthcoming, this band of brothers are all set for a banner year in rock ‘n’ roll.

Tickets are available here.

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