Strangely Alright Releases Groovy new Video for Train To Nowhere

SA0907Photographer Bill Bungard and singer-songwriter Regan Lane have known each other for a many years both in and out of the northwest music scene.  Though each has been an influence on the other in ways both personal and professional , up until now they haven’t   had the opportunity to collaborate.

When Lane mentioned he was looking for a video director to go along with some of Bungard’s pictures for his song “Train To Nowhere” from Strangely Alright’s “The Time Machine Is Broken” Mr. Bungard knew exactly who would be perfect for this creative endeavor! So a meeting was set up with director Josh Man Rock.

After mutual intentions and beliefs were established along with some good old fashioned creative storyboarding, the location at the altruistic and community minded Ted Brown Music became the logical choice and the Train To Nowhere video was off and running!

Shot in one day at TBM, the “Train To Nowhere” video is a celebration of both the fans of the band (who again came out in force as extras) along with the 2 newest members, Raymond Hayden on keyboards and vocals and Paul Sawtelle on Sax. The love and support that can be found for the local indie scene from within The City of Destiny is splattered all over this video. The Train is a Technicolor blast of groovy power pop that will make you smile and just possibly make you feel…Strangely Alright!

Official Video: Strangely Alright– Train To Nowhere
Label: Maurice The Fish Records
From the critically acclaimed SA debut CD “The Time Machine Is Broken”

Director/Editor: Josh Man Rock
D.P.: Joe Andolina

Photos: Bill Bungard


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