Son Of Man to play Reunion show at The Central

Son Of Man flyerOne of the original Grunge Era Bands, Son of Man, is going to be reuniting Saturday December 20th @ the Central Saloon, the world famous club in Pioneer Square where they played shows with Mother Love Bone, Alice In Chains, My Sisters Machine, War Babies and many others.  An earlier reunion show to get the band warmed up went down at the The Mix in Georgetown on Sunday December 14.

Son Of Man was a favorite of many in the scene and the band that scores were picking to go someplace, but as legend has it, before that happened they suffered a house fire which destroyed their equipment and more than likely some of their drive. According to at least one article, they hung on but pretty much by their fingernails until the whole dream of rock stardom turned to dust— about the time Nirvana busted out and the circus came to town.

The band had gained some notoriety and on the liner notes of  Alice In Chains’ Facelift they(AIC) thank a number of Seattle groups, one of them being Son Of Man“friends of ours that we dig a lot”—such as Soundgarden, Son of Man, Sanctuary, My Sister’s Machine, and Mother Love Bone.”

The name Son Of Man also pops up several times in the book “Everybody Loves Our Town: An Oral History Of Grunge.

Son Of Man‘s guitarist Brad Kok had a role in the movie ‘Singles’ and after that was over with he took the Singles(movie) money he earned and left for Germany starting a band called Pothead. He has grown that band, independently controlling distribution using its own record company, merch, publishing, and scheduling shows. Pothead the Band plays 25 – 30 clubs per year with attendance a minimum of 800 to maximum of 2500 in attendance. He’s also part of a   growing festival called Potstock.

Frontman Tal Goettling  is still a Seattle musician, currently in Lavacado and his name appeared in the “Band wants to Thank” section of Pearl Jam‘s 10 –  Tal Goettling, a Seattle musician and longtime bandmate of original PJ drummer Dave Krusen. Tal was the guy responsible for hooking Dave up with an audition for Stone and Jeff.

Bassist Nick Hornbuckle(Nick Cash) headed across the border into Canada and contracted “Banjo Fever”, for which there is no known cure. These days you can find him plucking away feverishly in John Reischman and the Jaybirds.

Drummer Mike Patterson aka(Top Jap) is currently listed as the drummer for  Full Life Crisis after stints in Sugar Burger and Lifeguards. (That info courtesy of Facebook)….Geezus Christ that took a long time.

Read more about Son Of Man HERE

Son of Man perform “Excesses” at the famous Central Tavern in Seattle,WA June 1, 1990.

Tal Goettling-vocals
Brad Kok-guitar,vocals
Mike Patterson (Top Jap)-drums
Nick Hornbuckle (Nick Cash)-bass
Filmed by Jared Jarvi

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