Sexmob plays Maciste in Hell w/ Jennifer Hartswick & Nick Cassarino Duo @ The Royal Room September 20

Sexmob plays Maciste in Hell w/ Jennifer Hartswick & Nick Cassarino Duo @ The Royal Room September 20

In addition to their headlining set, Sexmob will open the show by playing a live score to “Maciste all’inferno”. This score has recently been performed at Brooklyn’s Prospect Park Bandshell, MASS MoCA and Painted Bride Art Center.

Sexmob originally came together in a weekly residency at New York’s Knitting Factory Tap Room. Now celebrating its 21st year, Sexmob continues to deconstruct familiar pop tunes with subversive impunity. Everything from Prince’s “Sign O’ the Times” to John Barry’s “Goldfinger”, the Grateful Dead’s “Ripple”, Nirvana’s “About a Girl”, the Rolling Stones’ “Ruby Tuesday”, Buffalo Springfield’s “For What It’s Worth”, Paul McCartney’s “Live and Let Die” and ABBA’s “Fernando” is fair game for this band of musical renegades. Bernstein is explicit about Sexmob not being a cover band. “Covers to me means you play it exactly like the record,” he explains. “I just take songs that I feel have a great melody and do them in my style. So I’ll pick a tune and tell the guys, ‘Let’s Sexmob this!’ And I realize that’s what jazz musicians have always done. That’s how Lester Young and Charlie Parker and Miles Davis got popular. They played the songs that everyone knew. And because they could recognize the song then that invited them into their style”. The fact that Bernstein exclusively plays slide trumpet in Sexmob gives the quartet an even more distinctive edge. As he puts it, “When you play the trumpet, Louis Armstrong is the king. But when I play the slide trumpet, I’m the king. It’s my voice. On trumpet, there’s no escaping Armstrong and Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, Freddie Hubbard, Woody Shaw, Lester Bowie…all those cats. But on slide trumpet, it’s just me.

Featuring: Steven Bernstein – slide trumpet; Briggan Krauss – saxophones; Tony Scherr – bass; Kenny Wollesen – drums

Jennifer Hartswick & Nick Cassarino Duo
Jennifer and Nicholas have been playing, writing, laughing, and storytelling for almost two decades. Born and raised in Vermont, their bond is ever present in this intimate acoustic duo. Hartswick and Cassarino have each made names for themselves, touring tirelessly. Their passion, dedication and sophistication are evident in their joyous, soulful performances, providing audiences with a truly special musical experience.

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