Seattle band Quickie Unearths EP gem – Releases Lost Songs

Quickie coverSeattle band Quickie just released a new 4 song EP  called ‘One Nation Underdog’. It is the first of several archival albums the band plans to release in 2015.

“These songs have not been previously released,” says Quickie’s lead singer and bass player Lou Trez. “Whatever notion that kept us from making these songs public is gone now. Listening to this music, so many years later… These are good songs. Great songs!”

Trez says that the material on ‘One Nation Underdog’ is a snapshot of the power trio in the early 2000’s, after the band’s failed stint with major label MCA and the subsequent demise of indie label Musicblitz.

This is the band that celebrated Seattle radio-DJ Marco Collins once said “has more hooks than a tackle-box” and who could ever forget them playing 40 gigs in one day?  Actually if memory serves correct they topped out at around 44 gigs that day.

Quickie – One Nation Underdog tracklisting

1) “Psychocherry” – A rocking, angst-filled kiss-off to a “gone girl.”

2) “Sunday Flag” – The band seems to channel David Byrne, the B-52’s and the Sex Pistols, all at once, as they expose those who would rig the game.

3) “Picture on a ‘Fridge (The Other Side)” – Honest, introspective lyrics set to a driving beat and a sing-along chorus. Hey-ay-yeah!

4) “My Name is Not Matt” – Ever feel invisible? Taken for granted? This one’s for you.

Quickie has always been a band with big ideas, and there are plans in the works for their next big thing, including an album of new material. For now though, enjoy listening to these recently discovered gems, with the volume turned waaaay up!

Check out Quickie’s new EP ‘One Nation Underdog’,
available at CD Baby or the iTunes Store.

Visit Quickie on Youtube at:

About Quickie:

Quickie is a 3-piece pop-punk band from Seattle, Washington. Quickie‘s
songs have been featured in the shows “Vampire Diaries” on the CW , “Parenthood” on NBC,
and in the movies “Our Lips are Sealed” featuring
the Olsen Twins, “Repli-Kate” featuring Eugene Levy and Ali Landry,
and extreme sport cult film “Shafted” with the Foo Fighters, Bush and
Chevelle. Quickie‘s song “Bikini Barista” has attracted hundreds of thousands of viewers, and was the subject of a news report in China. Quickie‘s “Phoenix Jones” anthem is a favorite among fans of the Emerald City superhero. And as mentioned earlier ,Quickie once played a World Record Setting 44 Shows in one day!

You might have also heard Quickie‘s work on ESPN and Fox

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