Mushroomhead Rocks The Hawthorne Down to the Foundation

Mushroomhead WMMushroomhead hailing from Cleveland, OH graced The Hawthorne Theater in Portland, OR with their incredible, theatric performance on April 12, 2015. The eight member industrial metal band, decked out in their masks and suits, performed an audio and visual spectacle for the entranced Portland crowd. Being around for twenty years, the band has developed quite a dedicated following, and the Portland faithful showed up in masks and make up of their own. The energy in the crowd was undeniable.

Mushroomhead were one of the first bands to take the stage with all masked members. Their unique look and sound proved to influence many other theatrical acts today. J Mann (vocals), Jeffrey Nothing (vocals), Waylon (vocals), Shmotz (keyboards), Skinny (drums), Stitch (samples and drums), Church (guitar), Dr. F (bass), and Roberto Diablo (drums) filled the entire stage at The Hawthorne. Even with the restricted space, the band was able rock The Hawthorne to it’s very foundation.

The band is out on tour in support of their 2014 release of ”The Righteous and The Butterfly’. Opening for Mushroomhead on the road is the legendary Doyle, formerly of the Misfits, and The Family Ruin.

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Charla Stephenson

Charla is a new addition to the Northwest Music Scene family, she has had a passion for music since she was just a small girl. At the age of five, she was rocking out to Kiss at the local pizza restaurant with her older brother. It didn't take long until she was hooked on rock music. Growing up in Southern Oregon there was not a lot to do except listen to music and hang out with friends. Now, at the age of forty-two, she is the married mother of four children. She is still rocking out and in the pit at several metal shows a year. Charla is also an Emergency Nurse with fifteen years of adrenaline filled experience in the field. Charla and her husband Geoff would like to become more involved in the music scene and possibly retire in an RV chasing festivals all over the country. Currently, she is content writing music reviews, taking pictures, and interviewing bands every chance she can get.

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