Review: Warmth in Dark Themes on Depressica’s ‘Distance Makes the Heart Grow Somber’


The only information artist Depressica provides us for her new release Distance Makes The Heart Grow Somber is seen on her Bandcamp as:

“I wrote these songs in the middle of a weird transitional period, between graduating college in my hometown and going to graduate school in Seattle (and almost not going to graduate school in Seattle).”

That being said, the songs on Distance Makes the Heart Grow Somber embrace the quiet voice and honest narrative of it’s artist, and leaves listeners with a feeling of relatable security in its wake. Providing us an insight into the eyes of the artist, and even to our own inner turmoil, Distance Makes the Heart Grow Somber utilizes the voice of artist Depressica and a soft guitar and drum to convey its warmth in dark themes.

The highlight of the album for me both lyrically and production-wise being the song “Bobby Pins.” “Bobby Pins” opens with a somber guitar line and style of production somewhat similar to artist Florist. The lyrics on “Bobby Pins” are all too relatable, as artist Depressica narrates that feeling when you realize a relationship won’t work out, and the feelings of guilt and finality that follow. “Bobby Pins” successfully captures its situation’s very explicit feelings and portrays them within its four-minute span, proving to be a highlight of Distance Makes the Heart Grow Somber.

Distance Makes the Heart Grow Somber is a soft and emotional album. Created with minimal instruments, the album relies more on the narrative and voice of artist Depressica, as she tells the story of this transitional period in her life. Although the album can be seen as a window into the artist’s life, many of its songs and their honest lyricism can in turn be transcribed onto the fears and worries of its listeners.

(You can stream “Distance Makes The Heart Grow Somber” at bandcamp below and purchase it HERE.)

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