Review: Plankton Wat — ‘Hidden Path’

It’s been several years since Dewey Mahood’s recorded as Plankton Wat. Arguably better known for his work in the pastorally psychedelic Eternal Tapestry, Mahood’s solo work has always reclaimed the secluded energies his band left collecting in the ether. His newest, Hidden Path, (sold out on cassette, but listening options available on Bandcamp) sounds like a letter to a friend, or possibly to himself.

Mahood’s playing on opener “The Inward Reflection” offers a lush field of Psalm 23 greens and vibrating wildlife. Mahood layers plush jams with an impeccable ear for electric expansive and acoustic foundation. He stretches himself into an act of worship. “Dream Cascade” reigns in the infinite colors and magic carpet heights by weaving whispers of percussive shakers, a thin wandering flute, stirred organ, and a hearty toned acoustic guitar.

Later, on “The Everflowing Stream”, Mahood’s charged guitars soar as a mix of feedback flashes through a tangible narrative. He uses texture to ramp up his escape into the woods. The incessant buzzing and layering has enough weight to drop a bridge, yet Mahood considers his path (and that of his listeners) by offering bass notes capable to rebuild any rubble his propulsive jams might crumble. “Solitude Amongst the Trees” is steeped in melodic zigzagging and bended notes. The layering is pristine and coats one’s speakers in regal hues. The electric shimmer shines open possibilities typically saved in dreams. “Awaken” is less like a command and more an invitation. The cryptic singing and slowed strummed chords swirl like amber honey from the glass jar.

Mahood ends Hidden Path with “Fields of Remembrance.” Its prominent nostalgia flickers like sepia toned memories, reeling stories of defeat and peace. Equal parts tribute and regret, “Fields of Remembrance” speaks the language of soul. Not a pragmatic bone observed. Mahood goes for the heart.

Possibly the greatest companion to step into 2018 is the inward gaze, the second look for deeper sight. Mahood, whether chasing to stay in the here and now or presently still, has a knack for creating musical stepping-stones. On Hidden Path he sweeps the debris, revealing the trail is ready.

(Check out ‘Hidden Path below via Bandcamp and get more info about Plankton Wat HERE.)

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