Review: Custom – Flat Out Fast

customCustom‘s third album, Flat Out Fast, self-released on the band’s imprint, Raunch and Roll Records, is an excitement-filled 29 minutes that gets the listener pumped up, firing on all cylinders right out of the gate. This quintet is so in tune with each other that they are able to concentrate, deep inside their heads, and allow the talent to just flow out.


Band members:

Jacque Hartless  – vocals

Corey Petro – Guitar (Runaway Trains)

John Norton – Guitar

Paul Yarnold – Bass (Model Citizen)

Brandon Wilsey – Drums


This is a fast-paced album of heavy, adrenaline-pumping rock music, and it all begins with the monster “Stop”.  This is the perfect introduction to the album at hand, with a lot of chugging guitar shrieks and a head-banging beat. It gets you all psyched up for a good time.

Everyone in this band has the power needed to beat out great rock music. The sophomore track “Buzz Zone” rocks some awesome mood changes and guitar action with guitarists Corey Petro and John Norton playing difficult riffs like maniacs, in a well-balanced form.

The tracks “Callate Su Baca” and “Killing Time” are both very fast-paced.  This is where you’ll find head-banging, moshing and fist pumping at their finest.  They have a biting metallic hardcore punk sound that can only be played by people who practice to the most meticulous degree and have a great deal of talent.

The title track “Flat Out Fast” is a very aptly-named behemoth of a rock song, with drummer Brandon Wilsey pounding out a steady beat and the chorus of guitars all blending together in raucous harmony.

“Trust & Tolerance” has a firm, rapid beat that makes me think of the Scorpions and AC/DC, with Corey Petro giving us all an awesome guitar solo.

“Because of You” and “Say Goodbye Again” are two of the slower-paced tracks on this LP, both starting with just drums and bass and it brings a question to my mind:  “Why aren’t there more drum or bass solos?” These contributions make these tracks two standouts on Flat Out Fast.

There is also some fantastic guitar vibrato all over this LP, which I think is my most loved sound that the guitar and its owner can make.

“Punching Sand” is my favorite song on Flat Out Fast. The track opens with a lone, solemn guitar and builds to a full collaboration of all members doing what they do best! Lead singer Jacque Hartless’ vocals have a Sammy Hagar ‘80s hard rock sound set atop soaring old-school hard rock riffs, both of which complement each other perfectly, making this track one for the record books. Jacque Hartless has a strong, steady voice and the lung capacity needed to belt out these songs effortlessly. Whether it’s a slow, ballad-like song or face-melting hard rock, Hartless can handle it all.

It’s quite obvious that these guys have put in a lot of time, hard work and heart into this album. I can tell everyone is having a rockin’ time on this record. If you want to rock too, check out this album!


Song List:

1. Stop

2. Buzz Zone

3. Because Of You

4. Flat Out Fast

5. Trust & Tolerance

6. Callate Su Baca

7. Punching Sand

8. Killing Time

9. Say Goodbye Again


Recorded at Soundhouse Recording Studio in Seattle, WA.

Downloads available at:
CD Baby:

Band Website:
Label: Raunch and Roll Records

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