PREMIERE: Watch Temple Canyon’s Video for “Call Into Arms”

Premiering today on Northwest Music Scene is a new video from a local band called Temple Canyon.

“Call Into Arms” is named after a letter-bead bracelet given to Temple Canyon’s lead singer in high school, alluding to a song by well loved hardcore band Sick Of It All. The bracelet phrase insinuated a call into one’s arms as a form of love and affection vs. the more commonly used phrase insinuating a call to fight. The music video is a cathartic montage of keepsakes and photos, reminiscent of the oh so common human love experience. Intentionally tinged with melodrama to remind us that even our darkest moments are beautiful; through the lens we revel in the drama and remain lighthearted. Similarly, Temple Canyon’s music is a constant juxtaposing of darkest and lightest feelings and experiences, sonically going as far as possible from one polarity to the other. You thought you were listening to Heart, but then all of a sudden it’s sounding more like The Gits. Temple Canyon also leans into the established Ballard music scene i.e. The Moondoggies, The Madlives, Sera Cahoone, Widower, Shelby Earl, Lonely Mountain Lovers, etc, fitting right in with a subtle and effortless twang. “Call Into Arms” features harmonies by frontman of Chris King & The Gutterballs. Temple Canyon is set to release the new 5-song EP Thank You For Not Caring on July 16 and will have an EP release show at Chop Suey that day with Boots To The Moon and Tim McBride & The Divide. Get more details here:

(Check out the video for “Call Into Arms” below and get more info about Temple Canyon on Facebook HERE.)

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