PREMIERE: Listen to “Haunts and Hates” by Jupe Jupe


Premiering today on Northwest Music Scene is a new single from a Seattle based band called Jupe Jupe. “Haunts and Hates” is the first single from the upcoming album Lonely Creature and we are giving you a chance to listen here first.

Jupe Jupe creates dark and danceable pop music layered with crooning vocals, atmospheric synths, shivering guitars, and driving beats.

The Seattle quartet offers a collection of melancholy, hook-laden textures in its latest release, Lonely Creatures—10 hauntingly striking songs about isolation, fate, internal struggle, and technology gone awry. Each tune draws inspiration from electropop, post-punk, and ghostly Americana.

“With “Haunts and Hates,” we wanted to combine post-punk and older Americana to give the music a sort of eerie feeling—almost like passing back in time through some lonely, forgotten ghost town. We used the choppy guitars and synth textures—and built them around a driving shuffle-beat, acoustic strumming, and melancholy vocals to try and capture that vibe. We felt this music would fit best with the lyrics, which deal mainly with regret and how things from our past tend to come back and confront us.”

(Listen to “Haunts and Hates” below via Soundcloud and get more info about Jupe Jupe at the website HERE.)


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