Premiere: Listen to “Baby Blue” from The Salmonberries

Premiering today on Northwest Music Scene is a new single called “Baby Blue” from The Salmonberries, a northwest band with one of the grooviest sounds in the local scene.

“Baby Blue” paints a portrait of someone who feels they’re at the end of a dangerous rope. Bleak lyrical imagery juxtaposed against the bright and energetic instrumentation is intentionally subliminal. This song is a message to all the “Baby Blues” of the world, the sun’s outside your window.

The bright and shiny guitars on “Baby Blue” light up the song with an upbeat vibe and of course the profound message contained in the words is one that we need to take to heart during these troubling but temporary times. There are better days ahead of us.

(Check out “Baby Blue” below and get more info about The Salmonberries HERE.)

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