Premier: Watch “Somewhere New” from Headwaves

Premiering today on Northwest Music Scene is the magical video for the highly addictive “Somewhere New” from Headwaves.

Three years after their first release, Headwaves debuts the fittingly titled “Somewhere New,” the first single off their full-length sophomore record. Working again with producer, Randall Dunn, the collaboration between Haakenstad and Ryan Barber has evolved and synergized. The sound of “Somewhere New” draws more deeply from psychedelic guitars, energetic drums and bass while using heavy vocals to explode into euphoric hooks. Supporting the song are dreamy synths – never losing sight of the sound that defined their first record.

Swedish filmmaker Christine Leuhusen shot the video to a Prague sunrise. Her goal was to complement Barber’s lyrical vision. “I gathered a beautiful, misfit group of people all coming together at the top of Divoká Šárka park in Prague to watch the sun rise over the surreal backdrop of a European suburb. It’s people finding their connection between each other while still living in their own, unique way.”

(Check out “Somewhere New” below via YouTube and get more info about Headwaves HERE.) 

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