Premier: Listen to ‘The Bright Carvers / Propellers’ from Colorworks

Photo Credit: Ben Wong

Premiering today on Northwest Music Scene is “The Bright Carvers / Propellers” from Seattle’s Colorworks, an absolutely gorgeous 7-inch that is sure to pull even more fans into this band’s circle. This pair of dreamy tunes bring to mind warmer days, days when it doesn’t feel like it’s getting dark right after lunch and these songs will serve as fuel to keep us warm for the next several months.

“Given our plans to release more music over the incoming year, The Bright Carvers / Propellers digital 7 inch is essentially a reboot of the band. We want it to represent our first step away from the 1960’s pop song homage, and into the 21st century – in our own way, of course! With the addition of our super talented keyboardist Asher Einhorn, and a rhythm section that is totally different from our previous releases, with Kailen Swensen on bass and Deno Durant on drums, this feels like a brand-new band.

We feel that our previous Spotify catalogue lacks an uplifting sense of hope, and we think that The Bright Carvers strikes new ground in that sense, however fuzzy or uncertain that hope is. Lying in bed very late at night, future-tripping on something or someone you’d very much like to see, is equal parts hope and anxiety – something that is represented both in the lyrics and the track.

Propellers is the final statement on a 10-year-old song that has been played and recorded in every other iteration of this band. Nick Myette, a former bassist / songwriter in Colorworks, co-wrote music for this song, while our dear friend Ella Ordona wrote the lyrics. With this reboot, we’re paying tribute to our past while stepping forward into new places lyrically and musically. We’re hopeful – and anxious!”

(Check out “The Bright Carvers / Propellers” below via Soundcloud, get more information about Colorworks HERE.) 

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