Premier: Listen to ‘Blood Moon’ EP from Asterhouse


Premiering today on Northwest Music Scene is the new EP Blood Moon from Asterhouse.

The title track, “Blood Moon” is a story about a young woman who has been sexually abused. Through her trials and tribulations, she tries to put the broken pieces together to find inner strength.

“Turn Of The Century” is about a young man, staring into the casket of his childhood sweetheart

Blood Moon is the second EP in series of short releases Asterhouse is putting out- all leading up to their first full length album to be released this year. The first EP in this series, I See You, I Love You, came out last June. Like their previous EP, this is a cheaply made, home recorded, self produced release. The songs featured on Blood Moon are demoed tracks left over from their forthcoming, full length release. Another short EP is soon to follow.

(Check out Blood Moon below and get more info about Asterhouse HERE.)

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