Portland Band With Offensive Name Forced to Cancel Show Because of Serious Threats of Violence and Vandalism

Black Pussy showsSo last week the music world, feminists  and defenders of  free speech were squaring off about the band Black Pussy, not really about the band but the name.  We here at Northwest Music Scene can certainly see both sides of the coin. While we strongly defend the right to freedom of speech, there are times when it seems to go too far and this could be one of those times. Just because I don’t find something offensive, does not mean it isn’t offensive to someone else. And remember Freedom of Speech does not always come without repercussions. The same way we have the right to make really shitty decisions and while we have that right, if the decision is shitty enough, we may have to deal with the consequences. That said, we don’t advocate violence in any way, shape or form and definitely not over a band name.

If you are not in the demographic that the name suggests you can’t possible understand if it is, or how offensive it could be. Whether it is meant to be derogatory or not is irrelevant. If people in that demographic find it offensive then it is.

Oh we know there a bunch of other band names that some would find offensive, like Anal Cunt and so on and I suppose that Nashville Pussy could be deemed offensive to ladies from Nashville.  Anyways to get to the point the Portland band Black Pussy is now having to cancel shows. Read below:

Portland-based stoner-pop band Black Pussy found themselves coming under fire last week when a petition began circulating on social media calling for the band to change their name or face a boycott of all the venues that book the band. They have released a statement through Metalsucks about having to cancel a show:

Read the entire article at Metalsucks HERE:


Black Pussy is fully supportive and respectful of every opinion in the growing conversation regarding their name, and welcomes fans of every race, gender, creed, sexual orientation and preference of intoxicant to join the party. With that said, it is with deep regret that we must announce that there have been serious threats of violence and vandalism against the promoter, the staff, and the venue of The Pour House in Raleigh, North Carolina, and out of respect for the venue and the safety of everyone involved, the March 25th show has been cancelled.

We live in a country where it is absolutely imperative that every voice is heard and everyone is encouraged to not only speak their minds but also fully exercise their right to protest what they believe is wrong. However, it is VERY important to recognize the grave irony of a situation where those protesting nothing more than the contentious name of a band that has never stood for anything but positivity and love are the very same people threatening physical harm to others and their property. The band is taking this very seriously. Stay safe out there and make sure you’re spreading nothing but love. – Black Pussy.


Read the entire article at Metalsucks HERE:

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