C​.​F​.​A. Outsourced – A Journey into the Minds of 36 Northwest Vocalists

CFAC​.​F​.​A. Outsourced – A Vocalist Experiment

Ever wonder what it would be like trying to herd cats with a wet spaghetti noodle after they’ve been up all-night inhaling cat-nip? Yeah, us too.  The next best thing to that would be to wonder what it was like putting together this crazy project by Cody Foster, the insane ringleader of C.F.A. (Cody Foster’s Army).

This 36 track behemoth of foul-mouthed, raw as fuck, dirty thrash punk rock with no rules is a throwback to the days when it was admirable in our circles to tell the man to fuck off.  Actually, we still do that. Foster assembled a talented bunch from around the northwest and seemingly just told them to do whatever the fuck they want with the track. And did they ever.

So what you end up is each singer throwing down a vocal assault and it’s clearly an exercise in interpretation. 30 some-odd different versions of the same song. Pretty fucking interesting, it’s really the thrash punk rock vocal equivalent to buying a thrift shop painting, making copies and distributing it to a asylum full of deranged painters and asking them to add something unique to the artwork.

On this album you’ll find northwest rockers like Tim Silvers(Antihero…and a metric shit-ton of other killer bands). His entry is “EGO PIG” and it fits him better than you can ever imagine. The howling vocals of Liz Porcayo(Skies Below) on “Traicionero” left me trying to figure out what language she is actually singing in and that’s part of the beauty of this album. It will leave you shaking your head and mumbling WTF?

Some of the other names you’ll find on here include Tony Reed(Mos Generator), C.F.A. and also an appearance from Dick Rosetti who apparently bent the rules and embellished on his track called “Uncircumcised”, like a good deranged artist would.  I’d include the entire list of vocalists in this review but the nurse is here and it’s time for meds, just kidding, look at the bottom of this article or see the complete list of contributors HERE.

Foster says about the project: “The Project became self-aware and made me its clerical whipping boy.  I can’t believe the amount of involvement this took or the amount of self-motivated people involved.We asked 16 folks to take part in this experiment and we received 36 tracks!!  There are 2 other tracks that didn’t get to us in time to be released still floating around out there.”

Take a listen to album HERE and support these musicians in this project and their other projects.

Foster also says: MOST EVERYONE followed protocol, Dick Rossetti and the Crown took it outside the box. But we expected that from them. This record has already spawned great things and new relations between people and it hasn’t even been released yet. Our hopes are to bring people together in a manner that encourages people to continue to work as one.

The cover was created by Cody Foster using cutting edge technology, cellulose film, cardboard, spray paint, stencils and tape. Gary Lappier converted and enlarged the photo files that were used. Cover Photo captured by Gary Lappier. Some of the photo credits include, George L Blosser,  Chris Schanz,  Sweet Sugar Skull,  Gary Lappier, Jaymz Kennedy and Glen Casebeer.

Final word from Cody Foster: ‘CFA Outsourced’ was Mastered by Jesse O’Donnell in Tacoma at the Autopsy Room. Special props to Jesse, we received files in so many different formats it was nuts. A mastering nightmare. We tried to keep the artists vision in tact. You will hear stark highs and subtle lows that you wouldn’t normally find on an album. Please enjoy.

Final word from us: If you miss the old days of underground cassette tape trading and want something that is completely different than virtually anything else out there, grab this album immediately.

1. Glen Manola – Once We Had a Dream
2. Chris Trashcan – CFA ARE GO!
3. Michah Hembre – Stained Out, Blistered and Lost
4. Ron Raymundo – Blerch
5. Liz Porcayo – Traicionero
6. Aaron Wilson – Look At Yourself
7. Tim Silvers – Ego Pig
8. Don Stewart – Nightwasher
9. Sean Moe – Night of the Wolf
10. Jason Potbelly – Human Season
11. Sabine Strangenberg – Lightning Menace
12. Shawn Durand – Holiday Ham
13. Fry Guy – Tycho Brahe, The First Measure, Output
14. Abe Brennan – Filthy Lips
15. Hozoji – Suckface
16. Jacob Thacker – Uneven Odds
17. Larkin – Prong
18. Rob Hubbard – Helltrack
19. Tony Reed – Firewalker
20. Johnny Little Eagle Unruh – Tao of Taka
21. Buford Rock – Bald Spot Suppository
22. Chill Will – CFA
23. French Walker – American Hoodoo
24. Mike the Pike & Dirty Ray – This Place is Fucked Up and Corrupt
25. The Crown – C.F.A.
26. Warboy – Pound of Flesh
27. Brad Petrovich – Business Not Personal
28. Jason McKibbin – Hot Sex and Broken Beds
29. Eric Pudin Lorenz – Scuz
30. Adam Fishwater – Zivras
31. Robby Cleary – The Lie Becomes the Truth
32. Klondike Kate and Brenda – Genocide
33. Kent Lethal – Mr Fuck Shit Up
34. Justin Tamminga – Untitled
35. N Dybevik – Neverland of Denial
36. Dick Rosetti – Uncircumcised


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