Machine Head to Bring Electricity to The Showbox on March 7th

Led by singer and guitarist Robb Flynn, Machine Head haven’t just pioneered their own unmistakable take on the metal blueprint – they have towered above the competition with a ruthless determination and dedication to the cause, via some of the most life-affirming music ever committed to tape. And since the band’s glorious rebirth for 2003’s Through The Ashes Of Empires, they have repeatedly upped the ante, both for their own artistic urges and for the entire metal world. Both 2007’s universally worshipped The Blackening, which saw the band doggedly pursue a superhuman touring schedule for more than four years, and its fiendishly intricate follow-up, 2011’s Unto The Locust, have emboldened the notion that Machine Head are simply a force of nature and the living, screaming embodiment of everything that heavy music deigns to represent.

For a band with less integrity and fire than Machine Head, the success and acclaim afforded to both The Blackening and Unto The Locust could easily have led to complacency and the decision to repeat proven triumphant formulae, but Robb Flynn and his comrades have never rested on their laurels or been satisfied with repeating themselves. Instead, the band’s eighth studio album once again demonstrates how powerful, creative and unstoppable the band have become during the 20 years since the release of their debut album Burn My Eyes. A fearless, ferocious and endlessly inventive masterpiece that delivers everything that diehard fans of the band will demand, while taking its creators into fascinating and explosive new territory, Bloodstone & Diamonds exudes a confidence that comes from the knowledge that MACHINE HEAD are now operating at the absolute peak of their collective powers.

Machine Head will be making an appearance at The Showbox on March 7th as part of “An Evening With Machine Head.” Tickets are available for purchase here.

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