Northwest Music Scene Launches NW Music Forum

Site-Logo-1So we finally launched the NW Music Forum after talking about it for at least the last few years. It just launched so it’s pretty much bare-bones but if you’d like to see what we have planned, give it a visit, you’ll get the idea. Go ahead and register when you are there too. The plan is to make this a killer resource for local bands and music fans. If you know how forums work then you probably know that we’ll need a little bit of help.

Some of the features so far are:

All of this and much more. Get your band on there and make some noise.

One of the ideas we are working on is a thing called the northwest music family tree. This one is going to require a lot of hard work as well as input from music fans and bands but here’s what we envision. We want to take a band like say Pearl Jam or Soundgarden and go backwards. Every band Stone [Gossard] or Chris Cornell have been in, and then all the members that were in those bands, so one and so forth.  Sort of a 6 degrees of separation type thing.

While the site is certainly going to contain a lot of our rich musical heritage, that’s only a small part of it. We want this to be the place bands come when they are looking for a drummer or a bass player and conversely, musicians looking for a band will post there. Of course we have a huge following on social media so that should help spread the word. Bands that are available for gigs will post so and venues that are looking for bands will do the same.

Another idea we are working on with the forum is how we can best help local unsigned, or independent bands/musicians.  We do know that the bands that are making the most noise on the forum will stand a better chance of making their way onto this website(the one you are reading this article on) and on our growing social media sites.

We are working on a band submission feature but if you want your band included before we get that figured out, send an email to with your band name, a link for your band(Website, Facebook or Bandcamp) and where your band is from.  Put “Forum Submission” in the subject line of the email.

Bands that have a song they think would work for the northwest airwaves are encouraged to post in the “Airplay Central” category. We’ll be monitoring it and so will radio people to see if anything fits their shows.

Of course there will plenty of music news at NW Music Forum but it won’t be from just us. We started a subreddit a few weeks and you can click HERE to see the sites the news will be coming from.

Sponsorship and advertising opportunities exist for those business that want to reach a large audience of music fans and music industry insiders. More info about that available by emailing

Lately we have been working on different strategies to help spread the word about the massive amount of talented local bands that call the northwest home . Although we have pretty large social media numbers that only goes so far and the amount of bands we can help there is limited. So we decided to work a little harder.

We are hosting videos on Facebook to get more eyes and ears on the bands. get more details about that below:

We mentioned this yesterday but it's worth re-mentioning. We are going to start hosting local band videos on this…

Posted by NorthWest Music Scene on Thursday, April 16, 2015


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