Northwest Music Scene is Looking For More Writers

Reddit Alien - NWMSDo you fancy yourself a music journalist or want to be one? Do you follow northwest  music passionately and have the ability to string a few legible sentences together? Have a pro camera? Even better. Do you agree with the statement that there is some really great music being made, contrary to what some old rockers might tell you? Are you sick to death of websites that are all getting in line with each other with “List Journalism, Beef Journalism and music reviews that consist of nothing more someones opinion about the band instead of what the music actually sounded like?

If any of this stuff resonates with you then send us an email at and we’d love to talk to you.

Before you reply please keep these things in mind:

Northwest Music Scene is a website covering music related subjects that are relevant to the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. That region is based loosely on the following geographical boundaries – Southern Oregon up to British Columbia and then over to parts of Idaho. Sometimes we’ll even include parts of Alaska, Montana and at times parts of California because if you want to get all technical and stuff, they are part of the region. See Wikipedia: Pacific Northwest

When we are writing about bands, whether it be a music review or a live performance there almost always has to be a way to tie it in to the northwest. We know there are great bands in Ohio and Michigan and in LA  but it’s just not what we do. Example: In the last week we created a new subreddit at and we’ve been posting(almost non-stop) news articles from other northwest music sites. We find that a lot of other(not all mind you) “northwest” music news sites write about bands from other areas. We read the articles and try to find the “tie-in but there isn’t one. No knock on those sites because we like them but we are northwestcentric, period. That said if an article is about an issue that affects music as a whole(and that would include the NW) then we’ll allow it.

At this time, we are not looking for photographers that don’t write show reviews or have someone that can write for them. We know there are some incredible photographers out there but we don’t do stand-alone photo galleries on the websites. Maybe sometime in the future we’ll add something like that.

We are not looking for songwriters. You’d be amazed at the amount of people that email us about writing songs for us when we are looking for writers.

More about this site: If you’d like to know how popular we are go to and look up our site then compare to other northwest music sites. You’ll find that even though we only write about about northwest relevant music topics, that has not been a barrier to our success. In fact, it is the key to our success.

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If any of this made sense to you then send us an email at and we’d love to chat.

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