Macklemore And Ryan Lewis Are Recording Follow Up to The Heist

MacklemoreIn an interview with MTV News, Ryan Lewis says that he and Macklemore have resumed working together in the studio.

“We’re working on a follow up, and we take forever, so I can’t say how long it will take, but we are in the studio daily, trying out new stuff,” Ryan Lewis says in an interview with MTV News.

Lewis says there is a difference between this upcoming album and the duo’s previous effort, The Heist.

“A lot of it is different, [because] the context of working and your team, your whole environment and your life has completely changed,” he says. “But then there’s also aspects which are completely the same.

When asked how recording their sophomore album was different than the first time around. “The mic is way nicer,” he jokingly replied.

“I think the game is the same, the art the same, the process is the same,” he adds. “So for me, it’s really exciting.

“I love deejaying and traveling, but after playing well over 300 shows in a year and a half, it’s nice to be back, trying to make songs.”

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