Justin Bieber’s personal life to be put on display at noon Friday….so says alleged camera thief

We don’t usually write too much about Justin Bieber around here but his trip Tacoma has taken a crazy turn so here’s some  new info for you: If you’ve been following the story you know he had a few items taken while he was stationed in Grit City for his Tacoma Dome show.
Twitter has been on fire with this latest series of exchanges.
An anonymous Twitter user on Wednesday posted what he or she claims are videos from Justin Bieber’s camera and threatened via the social networking site to release more at noon Friday.

The teen pop/rock performer tweeted Wednesday that he had personal items stolen during his concert at the Tacoma Dome on Tuesday night:

Someone, identified only as Twitter handle @gexwy tweeted links to what appear to be several short home videos of Bieber with friends and backstage at a concert and poked fun at Bieber’s “password protection.” That started a heated exchange between @gexwy and the Beliebers(Justin Bieber’s self appointed legion of followers) On Thursday, @gexwy tweeted, among other things:


Whatever the alleged thief wanted, Bieber wasn’t amused.

And finally:


Tacoma officials have viewed surveillance tape of the area where Bieber’s property was supposedly stolen and “couldn’t make a determination” of any theft, according to Tacoma Dome interim director Rob Henson.

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