Cover art and track listing of King Animal from Soundgarden released

Soundgarden coverThe long awaited(over 16 years to be exact) and hugely anticipated new studio album from Soundgarden, “King Animal” is set for release. With a release date of Nov. 13 on the horizon, it is now a reality. The first single ‘Been Away Too Long’ will be on the radio world wide soon and the Northwest Music Scene can’t wait! Let’s re-phrase that; the world-wide music scene can’t wait!

Soundgarden has released the album cover artwork and the track listing:

‘King Animal’ Track Listing:

‘Been Away Too Long’
‘Non-State Actor’
‘By Crooked Steps’
‘A Thousand Days Before’
‘Blood On The Valley Floor’
‘Bones of Birds’
‘Black Saturday’
‘Halfway There’
‘Worse Dreams’
‘Eyelid’s Mouth’

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You can view a trailer for the disc below and if you just can’t wait:
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