Interview with Jet City Rocker’s The Adarna

Adarna album
The Adarna – ‘How Perceptive’

Seattle’s own alt./rock band The Adarna has been playing and rocking those around them for 3 years and counting. With 4 North American tours under their belts these Jet City Rockers have amassed a very devoted following.

The band has an interesting genre flow, with a sound of Puddle of Mudd mixed with The All-American Rejects, appealing to those listeners who enjoy hard rock, punk or pop. The songs on ‘How Perceptive’ speak of drugs, love and the rebellious nature we all feel at one time or another, with a lot of guitar chugging to boost the mood. Lead singer Will Moore doesn’t just use his vocal chords, he sings from deep down inside his lungs giving him a huge boost of vocal power.

On stage The Adarna has a great deal of energy, including Moore who is very animated, keeping the show exciting! You can hear that they all love what they do, you can tell they’ve spent many hours practicing and honing their skills. The enormous talent of lead guitarist Andrea Jasek is wonderful to watch and hear, comparable to Joan Jett in stance and vibe. Such heavy, alternative rock coming from this tiny girl is impressive.

We recently caught up with the band and here’s how it went.

NWMS: What bands have influenced you?

William: I personally don’t listen to much rock and roll. Mostly classical, opera, jazz, and dub-step (as of recent).
Andrea: The Cult, GNR, Skid Row, T.I., 90s Hip Hop.
Murdock: Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, Alice In Chains, Letters to Cleo, Entombed/Hellacopters, Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Animals as Leaders, Black Sabbath, The Sword, Killing Joke, James Brown

Adarna8989-650The band has a wonderful stage presence, playing for the crowd and not at them. Engaging with the audience adding a kinship to the occasion, for both new listeners and longtime fans.

NWMS: Which song is the fan favorite? The one you’d better play every time to keep the fans happy.

​William: Sugar & Superman
Andrea: People seem to get really excited about “Superman!”
Murdock: Sugar

The Adarna stays incredibly busy and does somewhere between 80 – 120 shows per year and their videos are showing in 78 countries presently. With a 2015 tour that includes international dates they are set to soar even higher globally.

NWMS: Are you writing some new songs for your next album?

The Adarna: Absolutely! Time is short before we hit the recording studio in August. Normally bands try to go into the recording studio over the holidays since gigs get slow but we’ll be touring in the Middle East to perform for the troops at that time.

Adarna8984-650NWMS: What do you want your music to say to the rest of the world?

William: I want the songs to inspire. It could be to inspire/enforce a feeling or idea. Or it could be a chance to just say to someone that they aren’t invisible.
Andrea: I want each song to illustrate the experiences we, as songwriters, lived in order to write that song.
Murdock: F**k yeah!


This group is heating up fast. You’d better see them now while you can. Soon they’ll be playing sold-out stadiums and you’ll regret not seeing them sooner. Here’s a few upcoming chances to catch them live.

6/12 in studio performance @ KPSU Portland, 5pm
6/12 Ash Street Saloon, Portland 9pm
6/20 Feedback Lounge Seattle
Check their website for more dates

The Adarna​ is:
​William Perry Moore (lead vocalist, guitarist)
Andrea ​Jasek (lead guitarist, vocalist)
Raymond Cheng (bassist, vocalist)
Murdock (drums)


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