Hendrix’s GF to sue Andre 3000’s co-star over biopic’s lies

Jimi_hendryx_experience_1968In a recent interview in UK’s Daily Mail, Jimi Hendix’s long-time girlfriend and inspiration to some of his hit songs, Kathy Etchingham, has stated that she plans to sue not only the distributor of ‘All Is By My Side’ but also British actress Hayley Atwell. Atwell plays Etchingham in the movie that was original slated for a June release but has been pushed back to at least September. The biopic has created quite a stir with the people that knew the Seattle guitar god the best. The film paints Jimi in an unfavorable light and includes scenes of domestic violence that Etchingham fiercely denies and of course she would know, since the violence in the biopic is directed and inflicted on her.

‘I am considering taking legal action against the distributors both here in Australia and in the UK,’ she tells the Daily Mail reporter.

Etchingham goes on to say, “In addition, I am considering taking legal action for defamation in the UK against the actress playing me. She willfully failed to contact me despite my contacting her agent. She knowingly portrayed me in a defamatory manner having admitted discussing doing my fictional “breakdown” with the director of the film.”

Etchingham is also furious about the scene in which Hendrix, who died in 1970, is depicted slamming her head with a phone. ‘It’s just completely made up,’ she says.

After viewing a preview, Etchingham says she rates it 2/10 as a ‘fictional movie’, and 1/10 as a biopic purporting to be based on fact.

But there is one thing about Atwell’s performance that Etchingham is hopeless to act against. “I know I can’t sue her for playing me wearing ugly clothes and being too old,’ she says, ‘but I would if I could.”



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