Featured Interview Opportunity – Reverbnation


Every two months the Northwest Music Scene along with Reverbnation provides a “Featured Interview” opportunity on the NWMS website. These interviews are then promoted to our large social media fanbase for even more exposure.  Click the “Submit Now” button above to enter.

From Reverbnation:

About the press kits. With the way our campaigns work bands can submit without purchasing a subscription by using the 30-day free trial of the press kit. This does require a credit card since it works similar to Netflix, Audible, etc where they receive one month free and do not need to do anything if they would like to keep the subscription. They’ll receive email reminders and notifications on their page that the 30-day trial is close to being up and they can turn it off if they do not wish to keep it. However, the subscription isn’t just for one opportunity campaign, artists can submit to everything on the site.

You can think of it sort of like the new record of the month clubs that have been popping up where you receive special perks for new releases. All ReverbNation users can submit but the artists with a subscription get the perks of being able to submit to campaigns that interest them at any time. This is how we are able to promote your site to our user base of 3.7+million artists at no cost to the promoter. If you have any artists at anytime with questions please feel free to forward the message and we’ll be happy to help them out, normally they’re just not aware of the 30-day free trial and are totally cool once we get them set up.

The current campaign ends at the end of June so you have plenty of time and the artist is chosen at random. The only requirement is that in order to be eligible they are based in the Pacific Northwest Region of the United States.

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