July 15th in Seattle Just Got Way More Awesome – Because Dead Sara

Emily - Dead Sara

Dead Sara at The Barboza July 15, 2015

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We listen to a lot of new bands around here and we love a whole lot of the new bands that come out and are constantly coming out. What can we say, we like to keep things fresh. And Rock is not dead. But once in while we get completely blown away by a band. That happened a few years ago when we heard about a band from Los Angeles named Dead Sara. They aren’t from here although there a few northwest connections with the band.

Here’s how we discovered them. They were on tour with  Bush back in 2011 and we received the typical “Check out our band because we are opening for a really famous band” email. I know this is shocking but we don’t click on all of those, we just don’t have that much time. But thank God we clicked on that one because 2 or 3 notes of “Weatherman” was all it took to go completely fanboy!!!! Been hooked on them ever since.

They completely destroyed the stage at that show at the Neptune with Bush. In 2012 they played with The Used at the Showbox and left jaws on the floor. I won’t mention that on a trip to Las Vegas in 2013 we took a detour to San Pedro(California) to see them absolutely enthrall a hometown SoCal crowd at Lobster Fest. . I’ve been to a lot of concerts in my life and that one ranks right up there with the best of them.

Live, the band displays a huge amount of energy into it’s electrifying sets, amplified even further by lead singer Emily Armstrong’s aggressive, but versatile vocals and stage-as-a-jungle-gym-presence, as she uses amps, road cases and the drum kit as launching pads during the band’s performances. When she’s not doing that she prowls the stage like a cat stalking it’s next victim.

Musically the band finds balance with guitarist Siouxsie Medley driving the band with straight-ahead riffage, augmented with mood-enhancing flourishes. The bottom is ably held down by bassist Chris Null and drummer Sean Friday and of course Armstrong’s vocals.

Seattle needs more of this band and guess what? They are coming to town. To be continued. They’ll also be in Portland on July 14 and you can get tickets for that one HERE

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