50 Bands in 50 Days – Day 12: Thundering Asteroids!


Welcome to the 12th day of 50 Bands in 50 Days, our annual showcase of the best talent that the Pacific Northwest has to offer, presented by GigTown! Today we’re shining our spotlight on what is quite possibly the greatest nerd punk band in all of the Pacific Northwest, Thundering Asteroids!

thundering asteroids

This is usually the part where we write our own brief description of the featured band at hand, but really, Thundering Asteroids!’s own self-description more than sells the band:

Thundering Asteroids! a nerd punk band in Portland, OR.

Thundering Asteroids! have been beating the Kobayashi Maru with over-caffeinated power chords since 2009. With topics ranging from sexy lamps to goblin kings and from superheroes to kill screens, their geek badges are proudly emblazoned on their sleeves.

Minn and the boys crank the D10 to 11 as they rocket through space leaving a trail of video game cartridges and blown speakers in their space wake.”

Does that sound great or what? Luckily, the band’s music itself lives up to that description. Mixing killer punk riffs with lyrics heavily rooted in the realm of nerd culture, and an overall fun-loving, non-serious sensibility, Thundering Asteroids! is visceral skate punk for people who traded their skateboards for D&D 3.5 books in high school.

When Thundering Asteroids! was first conceived, the four members rolled for “awesome”, and rolled a nat 20.

For Fans of: NOFX, Agent Orange, Bad Religion

You can follow the band on Facebook and Twitter, and sample their music below.

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