“The Color of Noise” Amphetamine Reptile documentary debuts in Nashville

On May 30 the documentary “The Color Noise” debuted at Third Man Records in Nashville, bringing audiences the inside story of Amphetamine Reptile Records and it’s founder Tom Hazelmeyer.

Originally from Michigan, Hazelmeyer (aka Haze XXL) moved to Minneapolis, where he begin playing in punk rock bands at age 14. After enlisting in the U.S. Marines Hazelmeyer was stationed in Seattle, where he started Amphetamine Reptiles, which rivals SubPop in terms of importance to the development of the Northwest music scene (not us, the actual scene-scene).

Since it’s inception in 1986 the label has boasted noteworthy acts such as: The Melvins, The Jesus Lizard, Boss Hog, Gas Huffer, Hammerhead, Helmet, Jawbox, Killdozer, Steel Pole Bathtub, Mudhoney, The U-Men, Dwarves, Halo of Flies and Tad.

The documentary, produced and directed by Eric Robel, features interviews with several of the label’s artists and former artists.


Shawn Skager

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