BOOM! The Wild Story of one of Rock and Roll’s Most Influential and Infamous Bands: The Sonics.


BOOM! The wild story of one of rock and roll’s most influential and infamous bands: The Sonics.

Director Jordan Albertsen and producer  Brian Scott Robinson are making a film about one of our favorite bands and certainly one of the greatest treasures of the northwest, The Sonics! And you can help this film be even more awesome that it already is!

More info on the project here: Click BOOM!

The film-makers began putting this film together over seven years ago. At the time The Sonics had been off the grid for decades, and they just announced some reunion shows that took place at Cavestomp, followed by a hometown show at Seattle’s legendary Paramount theater. Immediately the director, Jordan Albertsen, bought two tickets and flew up from LA and took his Dad with him to catch this performance. The sold-out show was AMAZING. Jordan then connected with his producing partner Brian Scott Robinson and told him “we’re making a film about The Sonics.”

Jordan reached out to the band’s management. A response came from none other than Buck Ormsby who discovered The Sonics, signed them to his label “Etiquette” over fifty years ago, and produced what became their classic albums “BOOM!” and “Here Are The Sonics.” Notably, Buck also played bass for The Fabulous Wailers. They were STOKED. For the next five years Jordan, Buck, and Brian fought to get this movie off the ground.

After five decades of developing a cult following spanning the globe and influencing bands like The Cramps and Mudhoney, it was 2014 and The Sonics were gearing up for a hotly anticipated tour through Europe. Jordan and Brian decided that this was the perfect place to start filming, however necessary. They pieced together whatever dollars they could to spend three weeks touring Europe with the band and began capturing jaw-dropping footage of some of the most EPIC shows – along the way shooting interviews with legendary musicians and amazing fans.

Today, following their first album release since 1967, The Sonics have gained more momentum – landing write-up’s in Rolling Stone, The New Yorker, the Huffington Post, Northwest Music Scene,  and more. Major artists have turned up to play shows with them(see our review of the incredible Moore Theater show HERE) and offer their support for the re-emergence of these virtually unknown icons. This documentary will deliver it ALL to you.

So after a year of sorting through footage, Jordan and Brian decided that the best way to finish BOOM! was to put it in the hands of YOU, the FANS. For those who’ve devoted themselves to this band and to those who are about to discover for the first time how they’ve shaped the music you love, they know you’ll be blown away by the impact The Sonics have had on the music world!

More info on the project here: Click BOOM!

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