Award-Winning Short Film Tacoma’s Rock -n- Roll Legends


Tacoma’s Rock-n-Roll Legends is an entertaining and educational short film, mixed with interesting stories, facts and music honoring Tacoma’s most notable garage rockers of the late fifties and early sixties. The movies raw and gritty format centers on a series of interviews conducted by Buck Ormsby of The Fabulous Wailers with Little Bill Engelhart of the Bluenotes, Kent Morrill of The Fabulous Wailers, KJR DJ Pat O’ Day, Jerry Roslie of The Sonics, Jerry Miller of Moby Grape and Don Wilson of The Ventures.

This is a must see film for any northwest music fan or fans of the early days of rock & roll in general.  This award-winning documentary from film-maker Randy Sparks highlights the important role that Tacoma played in helping to shape the sounds that were sweeping the nation.

Director’s Statement: “This film was the result of me putting together a film presentation for Tacoma’s Historical Society event honoring Tacoma’s Rock-n-Roll legends on October 9, 2011. Buck Ormsby of The Fabulous Wailers asked me if I could do a 10 to 15 minute film utilizing footage from the 2 Garage Guys interviews. My goal was to educate and entertain the members of the Historical Society. My thought was many of them may not know how much talent came out of Tacoma, Washington. After the event, I added 10 more minutes to the film. I had Justin Peterson edit a 3 minute piece on The Ventures. I than wanted to include Buck Orsmby receiving a proclamation award from the Mayor of Tacoma and end the film with Kent Morrill’s (The Fabulous Wailers) last performance of Dirty Robber.Awards:The Juried and Audience Awards at the 2014 Columbia Gorge International Film Festival as Best Music Documentary” – Randy Sparks


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