Ayron Jones, The Black Tones and Whitney Mongé to team up to play House of Black shows this summer

Easily one of the hottest northwest lineups of the year will be the coming together of three of the northwest’s shining stars when Ayron Jones, The Black Tones, and Whitney Mongé bring the newly announced House of Black shows to Olympia, Tacoma and Bellingham this summer.

“Joining forces with Ayron and Whitney is a musical dream come true. They’ve been close friends of mine for years and I’ve always loved their songs. Each night will be great and different and jam packed with some of the Northwest’s best rock and roll. Because, as The Black Tones always say, you wouldn’t have rock ‘n’ roll without blues, gospel and black people. So, House of Black is our modern representation of that very idea,” said Eva Walker, guitarist-vocalist for The Black Tones.

The first show will happen July 7 in Olympia at Rhythm & Rye, followed by a July 27 date at Jazzbones in Grit City (that’s Tacoma for you north-sounders) and then they’ll head up I-5 on August 17 to the Wild Buffalo in The Ham. (That’s Bellingham for you south-sounders).

Word on the street is that there will be a 4th show added.

It’s a busy summer for The Black Tones who are recording an EP for the fall with the legendary Jack Endino; meanwhile, besides the House of Black shows, they are playing the Capitol Hill Block Party, KEXP’s Concert at the Mural, West Seattle Summer Fest, Art on the Ave and more.

They also just released a new single, “Plaid Pants,” about which Eva explains:

“This song was written about my maternal grandparents. The first verse about my grandpa, the second verse, my grandma. Both Cedric and I were extremely close to them and they were a major influence on who we are. In addition to that, the song is about old age in general. Our grandparents used to wear plaid pants, but mainly plaid shirts, but “Plaid Pants” is a catchier title then “Plaid Shirts.” With that being said, the term plaid pants in the song represent wisdom, experience, not caring what people think, not caring who sees you doing whatever, as well as being at or toward the end of your life.”

Check out “Plaid Pants” from The Black Tones below.

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