75 Bands in 75 Days – Day 75: AntiHero

AntiHero -Header-609Well we did it. 75 days in a row of bringing you at least one band every day that is local to the northwest. This was never meant to be any type of countdown or year end list, rather just a way to bring a little more exposure to some of the fantastic music we have coming out of this area. Hopefully you found a band or two to go check out live and if you do, buy a CD or a shirt or support them in some other way.

The band for day 75 is a Tacoma band called AntiHero that got together a few years ago, formed from the ashes of bands like Atomic Outlaws and VIII Days Clean. Who is Antihero? Well, think of T Shirts and Boots or Converse and Cowboy Hats. Biker meets Trucker, White Trash Rock n Roll. Straight out of Grit City – Tacoma, Washington. And since they are pretty much rock icon Scott Beilke’s favorite band in the whole world they needed to be on the list of 75.

It ain’t pretty or fancy, it’s just meat and potatoes rock and roll meant to rock your face off.

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