75 Bands in 75 Days – Day 36: The Doubleclicks

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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome, welcome, to 75 Bands in 75 Days, where we bring you the best talent that the Pacific Northwest has to offer, one day and one band at a time. Today we’re taking things in a considerably nerdier direction than ever before, with our band from today, Portland darlings The Doubleclicks.

The Doubleclicks are a folk music duo consisting of sister musicians Angela and Aubrey Webber. The songs that this duo pulls together are very instrumentally-rich and musically solid all around, though the main appeal to The Doubleclicks lies in their lyrical subject matter, which can pretty much be boiled down to four words: “By nerds, for nerds” (or geeks, depending on your noun of choice). If you put on an album by this project, you’re going to hear a lot of catchy and light-hearted songs with lyrics regarding the likes of Dungeons and Dragons, Star Trek, DC Comics, etc., as well as other things prevalent in neo-nerd/geek culture, including Netflix, cats, Internet addiction, and a sort of celebration/acceptance of social awkwardness. It’s the kind of music that has a pretty niche appeal, but as far as nerd music goes, The Doubleclicks are basically as good as the style gets.

The duo has been working like clockwork ever since 2010, recording several full-length LPs, EPs, and projects like their “Weekly Song Wednesday” from 2013, as well as forming at many a convention and cultural gatherings all across America (we happened to catch them in 2013 at Emerald City Comicon). Their most recently release Dimetrodon from June of this year is perhaps the project’s most substantial and recommendable release thus far. If what you’ve read sounds like something you’d enjoy, then consider The Doubleclicks. Chances are you won’t be disappointed.

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