50 Bands in 50 Days – Day 5: Lost Dogma


Welcome to the latest installment in 50 Bands in 50 Days, our annual showcase of some of the most worthwhile musical projects coming out of the Pacific Northwest, brought to you by GigTown. Today we’re going to try to sell you on one of the most eclectic names in local alternative music, one Lost Dogma.

Lost Dogma at Bands For Bernie event at The Crocodile August 8 (NWMS staff photo)

Having been active for 10 years now, Lost Dogma is a band with a unique dichotomy. By day, the four-piece is notable for giving the style of twangy, whiskey-soaked Americana an indie folk-rock sensibility, not unlike the likes of Iron & Wine or late-era Decemberists, but by night, the band is willing to totally flip the switch and deliver a sugary indie influenced alternative sound times in the live setting. Anyone familiar with Lost Dogma’s studio recordings that sees them live for the first time might be a bit bit shocked at just how diversified their catalog is.

However, even at their most commercial-sounding, the band is made up of endlessly talented musicians that all push each other to the next level. Both of the records this band has put out are essential listening for any fans of modern country/Americana music horrified by what Top 40 radio has turned mainstream country music into. Upon hearing them, they’re a band that you might not expect to be from the Emerald City, but their oddball, hard-to-describe nature helps give them a musical edge that sets them apart from others around these parts.

They are a great fit for this 50/50 showcase because like one of our earlier bands, Danny Newcomb & The Sugarmakers, they completely break down the stereotypical idea of what northwest music is supposed to sound like. They’re a band we can’t recommend enough. Lost Dogma is easily one of the most kick-ass fiddle-based rock bands to ever exist.

For Fans of: Iron & Wine, Fleet Foxes, Okkervil River

You can follow the band on Facebook, and listen to their music below.

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