50 Bands in 50 Days – Day 25: The Science of Deduction


Welcome back to 50 Bands in 50 Days, where we’re turning you onto some of the best that the Pacific Northwest has to offer, one day and one band at a time, presented by GigTown. Today we’re at the halfway point in this showcase and we’d like to turn you onto one of the best throwback bands in all of the northwest, The Science of Deduction.

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Seattle-based quartet The Science of Deduction has captured the hearts of northwesterners and beyond with their campy throwback rock and pop sound, which is heavily influenced by the finest that late 80’s/early 90’s dance-rock had to offer. Where that trend stopped, The Science of Deduction picks up, offering up a sound that’s distinctly old-school.

This multi-synth, guitar and vocal quartet from Seattle defines the rebirth of electronic/synthesizer fusion in a region best known for traditional 5-piece rock bands. The Science of Deduction delivers a synthpop/new wave/baggy-influenced sound, paired with compelling lyrics and vocals, which expertly turn the familiar into something fresh.

For Fans of: INXS, The Stone Roses, EMF

You can follow the band on Facebook, and watch their music video for “The Separation” below.

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