50 Bands in 50 Days – Day 18: Acid Tongue


Welcome back to 50 Bands in 50 Days, your one-stop shop for the best bands coming out of the Pacific Northwest, presented by GigTown. Today we’re putting the spotlight on a local psych-rock favorite, Acid Tongue.


Acid Tongue is an American-bred garage band heavily influenced by AM-radio soul, folk and psychedelic rock. The band is composed of the four Manson Brothers, perverted in their youth by adolescent exposure to mind-altering substances and strange, spiritually-driven parenting techniques.

After years of extensive traveling throughout the United States, as well as some experimental therapy in a Mexican yurt, the boys have united to produce their take on the music of their parents’ generation. Incorporating imagery of the afterlife, dream-states and drifter-culture, Acid Tongue seeks to enlighten listeners to their swingin’, contemplative lifestyle.

If you’re a fan of easy-going, mind-altering psychedelic rock, Acid Tongue is right up your alley.

For Fans of: Unknown Mortal Orchestra, The War on Drugs, Jimi Hendrix

You can follow the band on Facebook, and listen to them below.

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