WORLD PREMIERE: Listen to ‘August Moon’ by Asterhouse


Back on day 30 of our current 100 Bands in 100 Days showcase, we featured a band we’ve become really fond of, Asterhouse. They are a band that manages to fall under the category of “hard rock” without falling into the trap of melodrama and overcompensating overproduction that the majority of bands in the style fall into these days. While the trio features everything you would want out of a band of this style — thick, unrelenting guitar tones and leads, powerful and very proficient drumming, a strong sense of melody and songwriting prowess — they manage to keep the ferocity feeling fresh and animalistic thanks to their raw and natural recording, and together the trio has a lot of chemistry in how their playing compliments one another and pushes each other to the next level, to create an overall sound that revitalizes their hard rock influences in a refreshingly dirty style you’d generally expect from a less ferocious indie rock band.

Today, Asterhouse is giving us the privilege of showing their softer side and we are premiering their brand new song “August Moon.”

“August Moon” is a rare example of an Asterhouse love song. While it is a sweet little tune, there is subtle darkness and an aire of defeat hiding in its nooks. Of course, Asterhouse wouldn’t have it any other way. With the stunning vocal aid of Maria McCausland, John sings about a hopeful love story with an all too common end.

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