World Premier of Bustin’ Jieber’s Music Video – Trash

World Premier of Bustin’ Jieber’s debut music video “Trash”

Everytime I turn the radio on I hear the same old garbage song
….and I can’t, I just can’t listen – Bustin’ Jieber – how profoundly true for us.

To make the video, the band partnered with film maker Paul Bright and Oregon microbrewery Ninkasi Brewing. It’s a not-so tongue in cheek look and listen at the world of pop music and all that sometimes(okay, almost all the time) goes with that culture.

The result is damn catchy song and video that we are sure you’re going to enjoy.

Bustin’ Jieber borrows elements of several genres including funk, hip-hop, jazz, rock, among others and chucks them into a blender, no doubt holding the lid on tight as they hit the MIX button. What comes out is a delicious audio smoothie that is not only tastes good but is good for you. They’ve  collaborated with musicians ranging from emcees to string quartets, played bars and dinner clubs as well as large scale music festivals. This ambitious young group has an appetite for destruction and a fervent desire to shake up your mind, booty, and soul.

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