Villains Of Yesterday hit The Central on Friday w/Amadon & BlackBeatBlue

Villians Of Yesterday will be rolling into Pioneer Square on Friday to blow out some ear drums, along with BlackBeatBlue and Amadon.

This is a free show and it is 21 and older.

Friday, March 15th, 2013

Villains Of Yesterday
@ The Central Saloon in Pioneer Square
207 1st Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98104-3460, 206.622.0209
‘”Villains of Yesterday” are a Georgetown based gang of die-hard rock musicians, using a wealth of experience and pop sensibilities to create catchy, captivating songs and engaging, energetic live performances. Not a group to shy away from hard work, the band is currently writing material for their third self-produced album, and performing regionally around the Pacific Northwest. 2012 was a year of transition for the band, as they decided to expand their dynamic musical style and change the line-up to a five piece. Original members Terry Houser (vocals), Carl Klein (guitars) and Sean Gephardt (bass/guitars) recruited drummer Paul Huppler prior to opening a show for legendary German rock guitarist Michael Schenker of the Scorpions and UFO. Bassist Paddy McManus was later welcomed into the tribe, allowing bassist Sean to take on guitar duties.

“Villains of Yesterday” hit the ground running in January 2010, releasing their first self-produced EP in April of 2010, and their second self-produced full length CD entitled “Zero in the Sun” in June of 2011. “Zero in the Sun” was recorded in Los Angeles with Brent Clawson of the Los Angeles band “Bullets and Octane”. The group also produced their first HD video for the song “Walls” from the album, with the keen visual style of video director Jamie Burton Chamberlin, who also works with ZZ Top & Duff McKagan’s Loaded. Highlights from the album include the songs “Walls”, the hard hitting track “Hell or High Water” and the title track “Zero in the Sun”. Showcasing how quickly the group has grown, the band created a haunting version of the previously recorded track “Under the Gun”.
BlackBeatBlue is a 3 piece Rock Band from the the Pacific Northwest, WA with a Hard Rock Sound that can be described as Raw, Grungy, and a bit Moody. “Definitely a Seattle Sound. One I haven’t heard before.” says Jack Endino, the producer of their first album and legendary recording engineer & musician. It’s not often bands from small towns get approached by world class, accomplished producers about putting an album together but after catching them at one of their shows he agreed to record the band. Endino’s list of his accomplishments are long, impressive and varied – Nirvana, Soundgarden, Mudhoney, Screaming Trees, L7, Babes In Toyland, Bruce Dickenson, Spiderbait, Blue Cheer and Witchburn.. just to name a few – The band was all for working with Endino.

BlackBeatBlue put the finishing touches on their full length album,”Completely Different Animal” at world renown Soundhouse Recording in mid 2012. With titles like ‘Dirty Angel’, ‘Wander’, ‘Sense’ and ‘Complicated’, an Albert Camus’ quote comes to mind: “A guilty conscious needs to confess. A work of art is a confession”. The new disc has that declaration of guilt feel.

Like holding a mirror to life, Endino and the band strove for a raw, edgy, live-based feel for the record. The end result is a disc that has that classic vibe from the region (and from what you might expect from an Endino-produced record) but also does an excellent job of bridging old to contemporary rock: spaced out guitars, metal driven bass riffs along side heavy rock drumming fused throughout with a precise urgency.

Amadon is a group of people that love to make music. Pure and simple. Amadon got it’s start as many bands do, in the drummer’s wood shed under the name ‘Savant’. Uh, the woodshed part.. I mean obviously not all bands start with the name Savant… well maybe some.. moving on….AMADON 1.0:
The early years were experimental and nothing was really talked about, we just sorta got together and played funky music till our fingers bled. Songs like “The River”, “Take Away” and yes, even the famous “Metaling Kids” were hammered out in that woodshed. I remember it being a time of discovery for me. I discovered that if I played guitar well enough, people would like me even though I’m a total nerd/dork.. I also discovered that manually bypassing the EQ in a VERY old powered PA will make it louder! Long live the woodshed PA!! Eventually, we had enough songs to put on a show and played a few time in our hometown of Centralia, WA. The first show being an art walk type of thing in Chehalis, WA where I think we were the only “band”. The rest of the show was people singing 50 year old songs to a tape. I remember dressing up for the show, a black button up, a silver tie, my “punk” jacket which was really just an old army jacket with the sleeves cut off and a bunch of crap glued to it, a fishing hat with safety pins on it, and some paint, including black nail polish, eyeliner(which I still use) and using tattoo pens to adorn my guitar hand that subsequently melted just before the show. My arm simply sweated green.

The original triad of myself, Lorin Tackett, and Justin Watilo would end only a year or so in due to Justin leaving the group for personal reasons. It was a big blow at the time and I remember feeling like that was it! It was all over! But I could not have been more wrong……”We are Amadon! And we are here to stay.”

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