Theatrical Rock n’ Roll Spectacle House of Thee UnHoly Returns to Seattle, March 11-15


House of Thee UnHoly
Returns to Seattle, March 11-15

An Ensemble Cast Featuring Seattle Dancers Lily Verlaine, Waxie Moon & more, with Singers Sarah Rudinoff & Jen Ayers Leading Live 5-Piece Rock Band

The sexually-charged, drug-imbibed psychedelia, rock music, fashion and dance of the ’70s come to life with the return of PaulaNowEvent’s epic production House of Thee UnHoly, set to unleash on Triple Door audiences, March 11-15, 2015. Tickets ($20-$45) are available online here, by phone at (206) 838-4333 or in-person at The Triple Door Box Office (216 Union Street, Seattle). Visit the Facebook event page HERE

Creative Director PaulaNow first thrilled audiences with what has become a critically-acclaimed theatrical stage production in 2007 at The Catwalk in Seattle. Since then, House of Thee Unholy has grown in size , and continues to artistically ripen and evolve, titillating audiences with its unique combination of live rock music that’s outlandishly paired with diverse dance styles, including ballet, Butoh, Odissi, modern, go-go and burlesque, performed by Seattle professionals Waxie Moon, Lily Verlaine, Indigo Blue, Tory Tiara, and others.

PaulaNow has called upon her vast well of experiences to art direct House of Thee UnHoly into somewhat of a psychedelic time capsule of the 20th century’s most exhilarating and decadent decade, the 1970’s. “This show has no emcee, no intermission, no headliner, dancers perform mostly without shoes, and without wigs and instead have had their hair styled by Seattle’s Vidal Sassoon,” Ms. Now commented. “The show grew from a variety/cabaret-style show into a theatrical production in 2008 when I hired Waxie Moon, a.k.a. Marc Kenison, veteran Limón Dance Company member and Washington Theater Ensemble co-founder. Kenison brought in some theatrical exploration techniques as well his ballet and modern dance training that helped us further develop and refine many of the acts.”

The House of Thee UnHoly band ups the ante with a five-piece live rock band on stage with powerhouse singers Sarah Rudinoff (2004 recipient of The Stranger Genius Award; also seen at 5th Avenue, Seattle Rep), Jen Ayers (Honey Tongue; Teatro ZinZanni’s Return to Paradise in 2013), and Zack Davidson (Vendetta Red; featured singer with the prestigious Seattle Rock Orchestra).

Bassist Andy Stoller (appearances on “The Tonight Show,” “David Letterman,” “The Grammys”), on guitars; Katy Moore (performed with Thaddillac, Boxcar Rebellion, Kissing Potion, Thaddeus Turner) and Darren Loucas (shared stage with Bill Frisell, Ian Moore) and Mike Stone (played with members of Soundgarden; REM; Pearl Jam) on drums. Barton Horufi on keyboards (work with Gus Van Sant, Gravitas Quartet and on The Heartsong of Charging Elk).

The House of Thee UnHoly band was created for this show featuring some of Seattle’s most accomplished musicians and singers, with the assistance of Michael Musburger, and on occasion plays “Stripped Down”shows around Seattle without the dancers.

About the Dancers

Davione Gordon (Spectrum Dance Theatre)
Douglas Ridings (Urvasi Dance Ensemble and Degenerate Art Ensemble)
Heidi Von Haught (Clown Stripper Productions)
IngaIngenue (Miss Viva Las Vegas, 2011)
Jody Kuehner (Cherdonna Shinatra)
Lily Verlaine (choreographer, co-producer of award-winning Land of the Sweets: The Burlesque Nutcracker)
Mimi Me (Spectrum Dance Theatre)
Miss Indigo Blue (Reigning Queen Of Burlesque, 2011)
Paris Original (Mod Carousel)
Polly Wood (Sinner Saint Burlesque)
Red Delicious (Burly Q a Queer Cabaret)
Tory Tiara (Whim W’him)
Waxie Moon (Juilliard-trained boylesque sensation; Capitol Hill Web Series star)

For complete cast bios, please visit us here.

About the Producer and Creative Director
The production company formally known as The Swedish Housewife Presents recently rebranded as PaulaNowEvent, was short-listed for The Stranger’s Genius Awards as an organization for “importing the best gender-bending performance art the world has to offer straight to the stage of the Triple Door, including John Kelly’s awe-inspiring Joni Mitchell tribute Paved Paradise Redux, Justin Bond’s ‘tranny witch’ celebration The Rites of Spring, and Joey Arias’s eternally entrancing performances as (really, channeling of) Billie Holiday.” She has produced shows in Las Vegas, New York City and Seattle since 1987.

Creative Director Paula Sjunneson a.k.a. Paula Now (as most cannot pronounce let alone spell her last name) was dubbed as the “Gertrude Stein of cabaret” by the Huffington Post. She has supported and nurtured many cabaret, drag, and burlesque talents, and she herself has performing under many pseudonyms alongside such greats as Joey Arias, RuPaul, El Vez and Steve Buscemi since the early 1980’s in New York City.

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