The Rumba Kings to play Seattle’s Triple Door November 11th

The Rumba Kings to play Seattle’s Triple Door November 11th

​​​​​Their style of Mediterranean driven music is romantic, soulful, and passionate, delivered with an energetic and emotionally-impacting live performance.

The Rumba Kings are a Spanish-guitar driven instrumental group, hailing from Seattle, Washington.  The group was formed in 2015 by George Stevens (guitar, bouzouki) and Johnny Bacolas (producer, bass, bouzouki, guitar).  Accompaniment members that record and perform live with group are Teddy Adams (guitar), Vinnie Uanno, (guitar), Tor Dietrichson (percussion), and Andrey Zasypkin (drums).

“We started a band that plays a wide range of music styles such as Flamenco, Rumba, Greek, Italian, Spanish, and much more. In all my years of performing, I’ve never been more excited than now, because of the amazing music and musicianship that we have in this new band,” says Stevens.

In January of 2016, The Rumba Kings began collaborating with Greek vocalist, Sofi Alexandrou.  In the summers of 2016 and 2017, Bacolas flew to Greece to shoot music videos with Sofi, and record her vocal tracks.   Because the band was so impressed with her vocals and songwriting, Sofi is featured on 8 songs on, “The Vocal Sessions, Vol I.” CD.  In September 2017 Bacolas filmed Sofi on the dreamy island of Santorini for a new song called “Mila Mou.”

Ticket and show information is available here.

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